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Interview with Lucy Breaden - Drive ABC Radio 936AM - 10 July 2020 

You can listen to John Stephenson chatting to Lucy Breaden about the latest project updates and what you can expect from the app.

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Launch of the Virtual Hobart Town app - June 2020

The Virtual Hobart Town app is now available on Google Play and Apple App store.  Follow the links below for more information.


Interview with Helen Shield - Your Afternoon ABC Radio 936AM - 2 Aug 2019 

You can listen to John Stephenson chatting to Helen Shield about what inspired the project, why 1828 was chosen and some future plans for Virtual Hobart Town. The interview starts at 2:07. 

Video Teaser Released - 16 July 2019 

After many years of hard work we are very pleased to release our first video teaser.  You can check it out on Youtube: 

Virtual Hobart Town 2.0 - 29 Aug 2018

The base model of 1828 Hobart Town has been completely rebuilt in recent months.  Extra details have been added, textural issues have been resolved and 2D characters are being replaced by detailed 3D models.  This is the first time that the entire model with 500 buildings has been rendered, giving us our first glimpse of how Hobart Town may have looked in the late 1820s.


Elizabeth Street viewed from Wellington Bridge, today known as the Elizabeth Street Mall, the Cat and Fiddle Arcade would be on the right.

In the News

National Archaeology Week 21 May 2018


Virtual Hobart Town was recently presented to Year 6 & 7 students at Dominic College as part of the Tasmanian Launch of National Archaeology Week.  Students took part in a full day of interactive activities that involved reviewing historic artefacts, practical archaeological digs, lessons in skeletal archaeology and viewing Virtual Hobart Town as a PC based computer game and a fully immersive VR experience using a HTC Vice.  Coverage of the Dominic College Archaeology Fair was published in the Glenorchy Gazette which can be viewed online:


Dominic College students exploring Virtual Hobart Town through VR Goggles, representing a fully immersive history lesson.