Digital Heritage Studio has partnered with Spectral Media to create our video content.  Spectral Media is a Hobart based studio who develops multi format immersive media, applications and hardware.  You can see some of their other work here:


Spectral Media


Virtual Hobart Town was created as a digital platform for illustrating the history of Hobart and Van Diemen's Land, in simple terms it was created to share the story of Hobart, our story. 


Digital technology allows multiple stories to be told at the same time; stories of people, buildings, ships and events.  The images, videos and Virtual Reality experience that comprise Virtual Hobart Town are the result of years of research in to the history of  Hobart and Tasmania, but we know there are many stories still to be told.  We welcome contributions from the local community; if you, your historical society or school has information or stories that you would like to see included in the digital model of colonial Hobart we would love to hear from you. 


It is our goal to build a network of digital contributors who are passionate about our city and want to share that knowledge with the world.   See our Contact Tab for options.


George Augustus Robinson is seen preaching to sailors and ferrymen on the Hunter island wharf. It was Robinson's early missionary work with sailors in Hobart Town that lead to his later appointment as a missionary to Aboriginal stations, for which he is now remembered.

Presentations & Displays

The Virtual Hobart Town Team is passionate about the history of Hobart and sharing the stories that make our city unique.  We welcome opportunities from community groups, schools, seminar convenors and other education providers who would like us to attend an event or demonstrate the project.  We have recently displayed the project at the following community engagements:

Convict Records Workshop - Feb 2018

Survey and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI) State of GIS Seminar - Apr 2018

Tasmanian launch of National Archaeology Week (Dominic College) - May 2018

Tasmanian Humanities Teachers Conference - May 2018

Hobart Digital Humanities Pathways Forum - Sep 2018

Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office - Nov 2018

Maritime Museum of Tasmania Monthly Talks - July 2019

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